Matching your lifestyle: How to pick the right bathroom marble countertops and vanities


Bathroom countertops are just as important as the ones in your kitchen. However, they are often ignored in the process of renovation and interior designing.

The requirements for bathroom countertops are different than the ones for kitchen. For instance, you need to worry about colored stains showing up on the countertop. In contrast, even shampoo bottles and soap holders can leave their mark on a bathroom countertop.

Then, moisture is another problem as it can lead to growth of mold. So, you should choose an option which doesn’t hold any moisture and allows it to evaporate away.

But, there is no one countertop that is the right choice for all bathrooms. It really depends on your lifestyle. If looking for a countertop style for your bathroom, here’s what you should be able to answer first:

  • 4What type of bathroom are you planning?Will it be a low-use powder room, an over-the-top master one, or a simple everyday use space? The first one doesn’t make as much a mess, so a simple countertop will work.

Daily use bathrooms have numerous substances that can affect the countertop, including toothpaste, hairspray, makeup, and cleaning supplies. If you have children, the countertops would have to be defended against those sticky medicinal syrups too.

In contrast, a master bathroom would need a top quality and elegant looking countertop.

  • How many people are using it on a daily basis?More people means more mess. This means you will have to clean it multiple times a day to keep the dirt and stains away.

If you have young children, there will be a lot less help around. In fact, they often contribute to the mess the most. Choose an easily maintained marble countertop if the bathroom is used by children up to teenage years.

  • Do you want a custom-made style? If the bathroom space is unusually shaped or larger than normal, you might want to go for custom-made countertops. On the other hand, you might have a small vanity and only want a small vanity top for the space.
  • Do you plan to stay for long? If this is the home you wanted for a long time, then you should invest in quality and style. However, if you plan to move out, then you should invest accordingly. Still, we recommend going for long-lasting countertop materials, as they add value to your house.

Overall, bathrooms with a lot of traffic will require easy to clean and more durable countertops. Choose Chester County Marble and Granite, LLC for high quality and affordable countertops. You can buy granite and marble for sale in PA.


White Countertops: a combination of beauty and elegance


Interior designing was once about color, designs and furniture. Now, it has taken a turn towards classic and minimalist modern styles, ensuring an everlasting design.

From trendy kitchens with bright colors bursting everywhere, we’re back to using lighter hues. Guess which color is the choice of the coming year? Hint: It has all the colors you love.

It’s white- the color of 2017! Just as the color is an amalgam of all the VIBGYOR hues, the use of white countertops has a range of benefits too. It’s timeless, chic and flexible in terms of design.

– The most elegant and timeless choice

Every year we follow a color that’s in style and is left the following year- pink becomes too hot; red too cliché. But, white is the only one which manages to stay in the ranks of our top choices.

The color can be a true staple in our kitchens. Available from marble to granite, the versatility of material offers a range of options with the same color choice.

Whether you choose to go with classic, minimalist or trendy look, their appeal has lasted throughout the ages.

2– Versatility of style

With white countertops in your kitchen, you can play with color of the walls. You can pair it with darker or lighter hues, go for brighter shades or commonplace ones, and still make it look trendy.

You can also choose wood or other finishes for cabinetry. With stainless steel appliances, you can choose multiple accent colors to give the kitchen a cooler or warmer feel.

You can also go with countertops which have a gray touch, such as the veins in marble and texture of granite. Pair it up with a different or matching hue of gray on walls and appliances.

– More space

White makes your kitchen appear larger, giving an open and airy feel. It is a welcome change for small kitchens and those painted in darker colors to combat the stuffy feel.

It optimizes natural light by reflecting it around the kitchen. So if you have low light or love a bit of sunshine, then white should be your choice for countertops.

– Abundant material options

From natural stones like marble and granite to composite materials, you can find a range of options. This helps you choose a material which fulfills all your countertop needs and fits the budget too.

Apart from pure white slabs, textured and hued options are available too. You can also go with a bluer or creamier looking white slab, depending on the furniture or wall paint you want to use.

– Clean and elegant style

The color white is the definition of cleanliness. Choosing easy to clean marble slabs, you can make your kitchen look clean at all times!

People sometimes worry about slightest spots showing up on the white texture, but we all would want to notice them and clean immediately. So, it’s actually a benefit too!

If you’re renovating your kitchen or building it anew, we recommend white marble countertops. To buy marble in West Chester, consult Chester County Marble and Granite, LLC. They’re currently offering marble for sale!